Garage Door Repairs Reading

Like with anything mechanical, garage doors (especially older models) will require regular servicing in order to keep them running as they should. Unfortunately, most of our garage doors don’t get that type of attention, as they’re just used on a daily basis & not given the TLC they need. Regardless of the make, brand or style, Academy Garage Doors are able to provide simple garage door repairs to get your garage door working properly. Academy Garage Doors are able to serve the Reading area, ensuring that your garage door is opening & closing seamlessly. Visit our page today on: Garage Door Repairs Reading

Garage Door Repairs Reading

Garage Door Repairs Reading

Garage doors can bring up a range of problems, from superficial marks, scrapes & dents to broken cables that leave the garage door half open, our team are able to help you sort any issue you may be having. Our team always stock a large range of parts ensuring that we’re able to repair or service any garage door when we visit your home. Even if we are unable to fix your issue on the first visit, we work with leading suppliers to ensure that we can order the part in.

When a garage door starts to play up, it can be quite confusing & disheartening especially if the garage door has been working fine up until that point. Wear & tear is a factor which is something people don’t realise when they’re using their garage doors every day. If your garage door is beginning to show signs of wear, it may be time to call a professional in order to repair the issues, ensuring that the door is working as it should!

Why doesn’t my garage door close?

Garage doors that won’t close usually mean one of two things. That either the controller is broken or that the cable/track that opens and closes the garage door is broken/damaged. If it’s a controller issue, the sensors from your remote may be the cause of this. You can try and wipe the lens of the emitters to clear the “eyes” of any dirt that is obstructing the infra-red. If the issue stems from the track/cable then you should be able to observe obvious damage to the respective component. Obvious blockages/debris can be cleared from the tracks/cable but if you are unable to see the fault, it could be a motor issue. If this is the case then it’s best to leave the repair to the professionals.

When should I replace my garage door?

Garage doors are not something that you should be purchasing every year. The general life span of your average garage door should be around 10 to 15 years. If you are good at maintaining the condition of your garage door then it’s possible to prolong the life of your garage door, ensuring that the rollers, springs, motors & cables are kept in good condition. If you’ve moved into a home with an old garage door then it might be worth considering if you are due an upgrade.Our team can help to advise you on the best replacement garage doors for your home. Whether you have a roller garage door or an up & over garage door, we’ll be able to provide & fit a new garage door if you’re looking to revamp the look of your garage.

If your garage door has stopped working suddenly, your home can be left exposed since most of us usually store our possessions in the garage. If you are unable to fully close your garage door due to a malfunction, then an emergency repair will have to be arranged. Give our team a call today & arrange a garage door repair for your garage door

Academy Garage Doors have been serving Reading for 40+ years, ensuring that each garage door we repair & service is kept running for years to come. As leading garage door specialists we offer a range of services that enable us to tailor our service to suit you, our customer’s needs. For more information about our service, visit our page on Garage Door Repairs in Reading or give our team a call today.