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Garage doors can be a confusing thing to purchase especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With such a wide choice of door types, materials & colours, choosing one that you’ll be using & seeing for the next several years can be a bit daunting. This is why the team have at Academy Garage Doors have decided to create a short buying guide to give you a few pointers on what to consider when you’re looking for a new garage door. Visit our website to find out: Garage Doors Reading

What’s your aim?

Are you just looking to freshen up the style of your home? Do your current garage doors not work? Are you looking for better functionality? Are you looking to up the curb appeal of your home? If you have a specific purpose that you need to fulfil, then you need to use that as your point of reference when you’re looking at different garage doors. If you’re just looking for style & aesthetics, then you should go for a look that you’ll prefer. This brings us on nicely to our next point…

Making it suit your home:

Do you have a particular look/style in your home? If you’re a budding interior designer (or perhaps you’re an actual interior designer!) then you’ll certainly want to match your garage doors to the rest of the home. Whether your walls are painted in a shade you want your garage door to be in, or if you need your new garage door to complement the brickwork, anything can be achieved with a new garage door as long as it’s well thought out. Consider blending styles if you’re looking for something that’ll just match the rest of your home, so similar colours that you’ve already used in your house is a good starting point.

What’s your budget?

Whilst we do have a wide selection of doors that can suit anyone’s budget, there can be a rise in price depending on the styles & finishes depending on what your choice is. If you take a look at our showroom, you’ll be able to see in person the different materials, stylings & colourings you can choose to find something that is suitable for your budget. You’ll also see which choices will change the price in your favour, finding the best choice of garage door for your home (and budget).

Whilst we want you to have the best product possible, it isn’t wise bankrupting yourself over a garage door! This is why Academy GB Doors have one of the widest selections of garage doors, as we want our customers to find the best garage door for their home. We’ll have something that’s suitable for any price range, with a style that you’ll love in your home!

What are you using the garage door for?

This might seem like an odd question but where the door is being installed/used should always be a point of contemplation. The reason being is because we want our customers to think about how they’ll be using the doors and what they might have to do on a daily basis. For example, if your garage is an inhabited part of the home etc. a room that is often lived in then an insulated door may be the way to go. If you’re looking for a garage door for a rental property, a more robust choice in your garage door may be more ideal. If you’re looking for something for aesthetic reasons, then a cheaper option might be for you. Like anything, it’s always better to see it in person. This is why we always recommend popping down to our showroom and taking a look at some examples in person!

If you’re looking at improving the curb appeal of your home with a garage door, then you should opt for a colour or styling that’s fairly neutral but will still compliment the rest of the home. If you’re looking at selling your home, then a new garage door is a great thing to do to appease potential buyers. A garage door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home, so for any potential buyers that are looking at your home, first impressions are everything! A new garage door can solidify confidence in someone who likes the home but is currently on the fence. A great first impression is exactly what you’ll make when the look and style of your home are consistent and complimentary of each other!

Will it improve your security?

Garage doors are often seen as mere aesthetic add-ons to a home, however, garage doors are much more than that. Garage doors are just as important as your front door since they contribute a lot to the overall security of any property. An old rusting garage door is more likely to appeal to a budding burglar too since it’s a much easier target than a brand new garage door that looks like it’s fortified. Modern garage doors are also much improved in their design, removing certain weak points where criminals could bypass & gain entry into a garage.

Garages are often connected to the rest of the home too, which should be a bigger concern for those that are looking to protect their property. With the number of things we store in our garages, isn’t it about time we took the security of them more seriously? There are a plethora of expensive items that criminals would love to get their hands on, from power tools, bikes & even cars themselves.

Who are Academy GB Doors?


We are a professional garage door company specialising in supplying & installing garage doors. We also offer a reliable garage door repair service that’ll get your garage door up and running in no time. We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and with that much experience, we’re able to offer you a service that you’ll be happy to recommend! We first started in 1979 and ever since then we’ve built up a strong reputation for being a leading garage door company in Reading. We’ve delivered quality service from day one & we look forward to carrying that on in the future!

We choose the best manufacturers to work with to guarantee only the best products for our customers. We’re always driven to providing quality and our choice in manufacturers reflects that! Our service takes care of any worries or stresses you may have as we take care of everything. Throughout the process, we’ll always keep you informed so you know what’s going on in terms of schedule! From delivery to installation, you’ll never have to worry about a poor quality service from Academy GB Doors.

If you’d like more information about our garage doors, visit our website on – Garage Doors In Reading – or give our team a call to discuss what you’re looking for in a garage door! Our team are ready to help you at a moments notice so that you can find the perfect garage door for your home! You can also visit our showroom to look at our wide range of doors! If you find a style that you prefer then feel free to discuss the options with our showroom team!